Passionate About Inspiring Others

Then I found my unique me by ditching the corporate success that was killing my passion, reason to be and dreams.

I had begun the journey a few times to becoming a Freedom Entrepreneur by taking real estate courses, mentoring business women and even preaching. Setting inspiring goals, only to flip-flop with any sign of rejection or success not appearing as quickly as I thought it should.  All of that changed, within one 24 hour period of time three major losses turned a corner to my future.

Within one day I lost a serious long term relationship, my largest work contract in the software industry and (the most serious blow) my Dad who lived thousands of miles away, died 3 hours after I was told he was sick. That was my "What am I doing with my life?" moment and it hit me with full force.

That horrible and glorious day changed everything. I began to believe that I really was chosen (as we all are) to make a difference.  I put faith out front of finance and began the journey of transforming lives, starting with my own.  The fear that once told me, that I had nothing new to offer became a little less loud and leaving a successful career for the risk-oriented world of being an entrepreneur, seemed a lot less irresponsible.

Join me on this faith filled adventure, bringing to life the book that God, long before you were born, wrote just about you.

I would love to have you along, as we travel this beautiful planet He gave us, learning how to live out His plan.  We can be successful and bless our world, while loving life and fulfilling our destiny!